How to arrive

Vigo is easy to reach thanks to extensive infrastructures connecting the city to major international, national and Galician population centres. With its port, airport, motorways and expressways, and railways, it offers a transport system to suit all tastes and to cover all options.

By car

There are three major roads to Vigo:

  • The Northeast Expressway, connects the city to Madrid and the central plateau, and is 667 kilometres long.
  • The Rías Bajas Expressway runs from Vigo to the North Portugal Motorway, going through Tui, Braga, and Oporto, and ending in Lisbon. The Rias Bajas Expressway also connects to the Vigo-Bayonna Motorway.
  • Finally, the Atlantic Expressway connects Vigo to northern Galica, through Pontevedra, Santiago and La Coruña.

By bus

The bus station is on the next address:

Avda. de Madrid s/n
+34 986 373 411

The main bus lines link Vigo to Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao-San Sebastián-Irún, Asturias-Cantabria, Oporto-Lisbon and Vitoria-Pamplona. There are also international buses to Belguim, Holland, Germany, Poland, England, France and Morocco.

By plane

  • Peinador, Vigo’s airport, is just 10 km from the centre of the city.
  • Lavacolla, Santiago de Compostela’s airport, is approximately 100km north of Vigo.
  • Oporto (Portugal) Airport is 150km south of Vigo.

By train

The RENFE train station is on the centrally located Plaza de la Estación. There are not only trains to Orense, Pontevedra, Santiago, A Coruña and Oporto, but also to Madrid, Barcelona (via Oviedo), León, Irún and Ponferrada, among others.

Ticket reservations: +34 902 240 202